Scalp Micropigmentation Courses

Scalp micropigmentation is a popular procedure for restoring the look of hair to those who have experienced hair loss. This is a cosmetic tattooing technique where pigment is deposited into the scalp’s epidermis to create a shaved head look.

This technique is less invasive compared to treatments such as hair transplants. It is also more effective than other non-invasive treatments for hair loss, such as biotin shampoos and Rogaine.

To get the desired results, clients will have their scalp micropigmentation one to three times over a period of ten to fourteen days in between their sessions. Based on how the first session goes, you will be able to tell how well the micropigmentation is retained. Some fading after the first session is common. The second and third sessions help create more fullness and density and make the treatment last several years.

Scalp Micropigmentation: Is it Permanent or Not?

Scalp micropigmentation is a permanent treatment for those who have experienced hair loss. This technique can last for up to at least six years or more, depending on the way the procedure was performed and how the client has cared for it in the years following treatment.

This treatment can begin to lighten within four to six years and may require touchups. Over time, this treatment will eventually begin to fade.  How much fading will depend on a variety of factors such as the individual’s lifestyle, sun exposure, skin products, skin color, and pigment selected.

Fading happens as the skin naturally exfoliates because the SMP ink is deposited just beneath the epidermis. The amount of fading the client experiences will also depend on the quality and type of ink that is used for the treatment. 

It’s important to avoid using non-tested ink as this can affect the appearance of the SMP and its longevity. Additionally, you need to make sure you use a color that matches the existing hair color. A color that is too dark or too light can affect the desired outcome. 

Typically, clients will need an SMP touchup, also referred to as a top up, within four to six years. 

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