Hybrid Microblading Manual and Machine techniques are an advanced form of permanent makeup. This technique combines traditional microblading and machine techniques to create a more defined look with better results that last longer than manual microblading alone. Hybrid Microblading Manual and Hybrid Machine Techniques use two different devices for precise application and greater control. 

What is the Hybrid Microblading Manual and Machine Technique?

Hybrid microblading combines both manual and machine techniques to create a beautiful, natural look for the eyebrows. 

The first device is a manual tool, which uses a microblade with ultra-fine needles. This tool is used to create realistic hair strokes to create even brows that look like natural hairs. The manual device also allows for more precise and intricate detailing, making it ideal for creating custom shapes.

The second is a machine tool, which uses an electronic motorized handpiece called a rotary device that can be equipped with a selection of needles. This device can be used for micro shading and creating an ombre effect, as well as providing greater control and stability when working on larger areas.

Do You Perform the Manual or the Machine Technique First?

When using a hybrid microblading technique, many permanent makeup artists will begin with the microblading portion, where they do the hair strokes and then perform the micro shading portion of the technique. Others will shade first, then microblade the brows. The order an artist chooses often comes down to their personal preference. 

When Should the Hybrid Microblading Manual and Machine Technique Be Used?

People with oily skin are great candidates for this technique because the extra sebum they produce can cause the tattoo strokes to blur over time. With this hybrid technique, clients with oily skin can get both hair strokes and shading, offering them the look of fuller natural brows. This technique can also work well to cover up old eyebrow tattoos. 

How Long Will Hybrid Brows Last?

The hybrid technique has a bit more staying power than microblading alone, so clients will likely need annual touchups to keep their brows looking fresh. 

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