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Contact Us: 561-338-3124
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Meet The Founder

Meet the Founder of the Cosmetic Design Academy.


Hi, I’m Sulema, the founder of the Cosmetic Design Academy and one of the leading micropigmentation specialists in both the aesthetic and medical field. I have had celebrity clientele and worked with numerous plastic surgeons, dermatologists and hair transplant surgeons in South Florida and New York City. I want to show you how to be your own boss and set you up for success in this high demand, rapidly growing field.

One of my favorite things about teaching permanent makeup is watching my students blossom into amazing artists.

It will be my honor to train and certify you as a professional in this lucrative and rewarding career.

How I Got Here

They say you know when you’re in love, when it hits you out of nowhere, and then BANG! You’re in love!
The only thing better than the above is falling in love with yourself because you realize who you are, how happy you can be, and what you can do for others to make them happy.  It’s not arrogance, self-importance, modesty, pride or some other label good or bad.  It’s simply knowing you are making the most of yourself for you, your family and those you choose to give to.

In 1998 I fell in love with myself, and it has served me well ever since.  Every relationship I have had with others has been better, everyday has been more productive and those I interact with have walked away feeling more positive.

What happened in 1998 that made this a reality for me?

  • I saw and studied several well know life coaches
  • I became a life coach
  • I embraced my occupation as a permanent makeup artis to the fullest
  • I learned everything possible from all the best permanent makeup businesses worldwide
  • I perfected my skills and created new techniques we now teach at the Cosmetic Design Academy
  • I made sure my clients knew they were the only thing that mattered while with me and beyond
  • I make sure no student leaves my classes uncomfortable or unprepared
  • I teach each student life lessons beyond the training of micropigmentation to ensure they can work with clients of all types while in their care
  • I laugh, love, learn and teach everyday

My passion started at an early age

Having had a scar on my eyebrow since the age of 3, I noticed how great eyebrows make a significant difference on your face. My siblings had perfect eyebrows and this defect was the catalyst for my brow obsession. At age 13, I tweezed my eyebrows for the first time and never looked back.

Sulema is board certified and known for her signature eyebrow shape and hair stroke technique since 1996. In 1999, she mentored her first student and has been training and certifying at beauty schools and doctors’ offices over the last 25 years. Blending her passions for artistry, training, and life coaching, Sulema launched CDA to help others learn these skills and launch their own business by sharing her experience and knowledge.

Giving Back

Sulema’s long-term goal with the CDA is all about EMPOWERMENT. She is planning on starting a foundation to fundraise and teach women around the globe to learn new skills and open businesses to contribute to their households and communities.