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Contact Us: 561-338-3124
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Offsite/Onsite Staff Training

We can train your staff in your office or at our academy!

Sulema, the Founder of CDA, has over 20 years of experience teaching individuals and working with leading cosmetic surgeons. We provide training in both English and Spanish in and outside of the US.

We provide a supportive and professional learning environment that blends expert training, compassion, and integrity.

CDA ensures that your staff is prepared and confident to perform micropigmentation procedures on your patients or clients. Our curriculum includes everything from product knowledge to hands-on training with continued support for you and your staff after completing your certification.

Let us train you and help you grow your practice by expanding your services with expert micropigmentation.

Cosmetic Design Academy Certifications

Learn about our courses and how we can train and certify your staff to master these lucrative skills!

Cosmetic Design Academy Training Photos

Training with Master Permanent Makeup artist Sulema Trevino and Founder of CDA

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