Are you looking for a career where you can earn money while doing rewarding work? Look no further than the Cosmetic Design Academy!

Founded by Sulema, one of the leading micro-pigmentation specialists in both the aesthetic and medical fields, the Cosmetic Design Academy is a place you can learn the art and science of micro-pigmentation and launch a successful career!

Get the Education and Support You Need for Success in Professional Cosmetics

With the Academy, Sulema’s goal is to teach others how good this career has been to her and show you all the tips and tricks you need to flourish in your career! In addition to her experience as a micro pigmentation specialist, Sulema is also a life coach with 15 years of experience. She uses her tried and true life-coaching techniques at the Academy to help you clear away any fears you may have and help you pivot into success.

During your education at the Cosmetic Design Academy, Sulema will support you in every way providing you with vendor lists, supplies, skilled techniques, and business tools to help you launch your own business as a micro pigmentation specialist.

Sulema will not only teach you skills like micro blading and total permanent makeup, but she will be teaching you how to do it well. Throughout her extensive career, she’s seen harsh eyebrows and other permanent makeup disasters and can teach you how to do a soft, natural job and correct the poor work done by others in the industry.

Ready to Invest In Yourself? Contact The Cosmetic Design Academy Today!

If you are ready to jump into an exciting career where you can make money, set your own hours, and help others look and feel their best, then contact the Cosmetic Design Academy today to get started!