Cosmetic Design Academy Setting Up Space

A common question many beginners have when they are starting microblading is how to set up their space and how to properly stock their space with the right supplies. 

Tips for Setting up Your Workstation

When setting up your workstation, keep functionality and comfort for the client in mind. Start by choosing a massage or treatment bed. You want to make sure this bed is a comfortable place where clients can lie during their procedure. Additionally, you want the bed to be made of a material that can be easily cleaned and disinfected. 

A bed that adjusts to multiple positions is ideal, allowing you to position the client in the best way for optimal results while ensuring their comfort.

In addition to the comfort of the client, you also need a comfortable place to sit while performing microblading. We recommend looking for a stool to sit on that has wheels, making it easy to move around.  

You also want to keep your workstation and tools organized and clean. To do this, we recommend using a service tray. Be sure to find one that is metal or plastic that can easily and effectively be sanitized. You can also choose to use disposable trays that can be thrown away after each client. 

Adequate lighting is also critical to ensure that you can see everything clearly during the procedure. We recommend using an overhead light that will allow you to see the area you are working on clearly, while also reducing strain on your eyes. With an overhead light, you can also get great before and after photos of your clients to use on your website and social media. 

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